About Us

The name "Pigmar" was created by our Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Group. We acquired a pet pig that often went on the rampage, causing the group to believe him to be an incarnation of Sigmar - hence Pigmar was born!

Pigmar Wargaming Club was formed in January 2009 by a group of wargamers in the Bath area. We don't take things too seriously, it's more about having fun playing our favourite games against friendly opponents.

We meet every Tuesday night and Thursday nights at the New Salisbury Club in Bath from 6.30 - 11pm.

Membership costs £30 a year and are paid at the start of each calendar year - £15 goes to Pigmar itself, and £15 goes to the Salisbury Club, our wonderful hosts. Members joining after June 30th will pay 6 months membership (£7.50) to Pigmar (although £15 is still paid to the Salisbury Club) until the next renewal.

Pigmar is a member of the Gaming Club Network.

The Committee

Chair: Jez Fairclough
Scenery: Alex Lamb
Treasurer: Jamie Hinds
Membership/Secretary: Jack Austin
Webmaster: Lee Russ

Members Blogs

Some of our club members are regular bloggers - you can find out what they're up to by clicking the links below:

Jez: Some Flotsam and Jetsam
Darren: Rise of Rlyeh
Lee: 2screens