BIG Tides of War Summer

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BIG Tides of War Summer

Postby XavierM » Mon Jun 08, 2015 9:22 pm

On Sunday, I attended the BIG Tides of War event. 3 games through the day and around 20 people attended in the end.

Comp was as follows:
2000 point WFB, Must have a Hero level Special Character, and at least 5 standards including banners.

I took the following Dark Elf Army:

Tullaris: Cheap and boosts the Executioners with Frenzy
Master, BSB, Sword of Might, Potion of Strength, Dragon Helm, HA, SDC, and Shield. Surprise in the Execs for high armour that hits first.
Sorceress, Level 2, Heavens Debuffs and general
Sorceress, Level 2, Light, Buffs and low casting level.

10 Darkshards, Banner of Eternal Flame, Musician
10 Darkshards, Musician, Standard
5 Dark Riders, Musician, Standard, Xbows, Shields
5 Dark Riders, Musician, Standard, Xbows, Shields
18 Witch Elves, Musician, Standard, Hag, Razor Standard
24 Executioners, Musician, Standard, Champion, Standard of Discipline
2 Bolt Throwers
5 Doomfire Warlocks

Reports to follow in next posts

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Re: BIG Tides of War Summer

Postby XavierM » Tue Jun 09, 2015 1:18 pm

Game 1: Carl Smith from Cheltenham Warchiefs. I played Carl in the last Summer Tides, and before at one of the Battlecult events, and all 3 have been great games.

His army was written with the intention of beating his mates, otherwise there was some hideous punishment involved as to the worst player at the end of the year. He apologised when he put this down.

Luthor Huss.
BSB, Mounted. Luckstone
Level 2, Mounted, Scroll?, Heavens (Iceshard, Convergence)

13 Inner Circle Knights, FC Std of Discipline
5 Knights, St
5 Knights, St
4 Demigryphs, St, musician
4 Demigryphs, St, musician
4 Demigryphs, St, musician

That's a lot of Demigryphs. Defensive play it is then.

The battlefield was pretty sparse, but with a Marsh in the middle of the board, I intended on using it to split his forces.

Carl Deployed his Knights on each flank. 2 Demis on his centre left of the Marsh as I looked at it, his knight bus and third Demis on the right supported by the Hurricanum.

I deployed the Warlocks on my far left, Dark Riders, Executioners with flank against an impassable terrain only 6" on with Witch Elves next to them. Dark Riders facing the knight bus and demis with xbows behind and then xbows against the knights on my right. Bolt Throwers spread out on the baseline.

Carl Turn 1:
Carl fully advanced in the movement phase to about halfway.
Magic resulted in an Iceshard on my right bolt thrower facing the knights. Hurricanum irresistible'd but didn't hit anything.

Tom Turn 1:
Warlocks charged the Knights on the left. Dark Riders moved up in such a way to block both Demis on the left, and the knight bus and Demis on the right. Execs moved up to be within 13" of the front of the Dark Riders to prevent an overrun into them, and get a decent charge off. Witch Elves protected their flank. Xbows didn't move.

Magic saw Iceshard Blizzard on the Knight bus and soulblight dispelled.

Xbows on right fired at knights in front of them, killing none. Icesharded bolt thrower missed single shot, and Xbows killed 2 knights. Left Bolt Thrower tried a long range flank shot on the knights....
4 to hit. 6 5 4 5 6 to wound and that's 5 dead knights!!!! they passed their panic test :-(

Warlocks killed 3 knights, and they broke, leaving 1 knight alive due to banner dying. Warlocks pursued but missed Demigryphs flank.

Carl Turn 2
Knights on right flank charge Xbows. Stand and Shoot does nothing. Everything else bar hurricanum charges the two Dark Rider units.
Magic sees another Blizzard on the bolt thrower
Dark Riders are wiped out on left flank, Both Demis hold around 13" away from Executioners, with one angling towards the Bolt thrower on the left.
Dark Riders on right have one survivor who runs. Demis pursue but don't catch towards the Witch Elves. They are blocking the Knight bus behind them.
Knights run down the Dark shards.

Tom Turn 2
Executioners charge the Demigryphs nearest the Marsh. Witch Elves charge Demis around the Dark Rider and Darkshards charge in the flank.
Lone Dark Rider rallies
Magic is none existent as he uses his scroll on SB.
Icesharded Bolt Thrower misses flank shot on the knights. Second Bolt Thrower misses completely.

Executioners cause 5 wounds on Demis, who whiff attacks and lose combat but hold. Executioners reform out of arc of second demi unit.

Witch Elves and Darkshards kill one Demigryph, and win combat, Demi's break losing standard but are not caught. Angle of pursuit exposes the Witch Elves flank to the Knight bus.

Carl Turn 3
Knight bus charges Witch Elves in the flank. Demis on the left charge the left Bolt Thrower. Knights on the right fail swift reform and turn to face the right Bolt Thrower. Hurricanum charges my Darkshards who flee.
Demigryphs who fled rally.
Magic sees nothing happen as use my scroll on Convergence on 5 dice.
Witch Elves are butchered, and remaining 4 flee. Demigryphs are butchered by the Executioners to the standard, who breaks and dies. Executioners reform towards the Knights who prepare to receive the charge.
Demigryphs on left kill the Bolt Thrower.

Tom Turn 3
Executioners charge into front of the Knight bus, with the BSB drinking his Potion of Strength. Warlocks who have moved around the back of the army charge the Hurricanum in the flank.
Darkshards rally and turn to face Knights on the right flank. Lone Dark Rider moves to block rallied Demigryphs.
Magic sees Speed of Light on the Executioners go off after soulblight was dispelled.
Shooting sees BT miss the Knights again.
Combat see Tullaris and Luthor huss square off, with Luthor going down to Tullaris' initial attacks. (Carl rolled a 1 for Sigmar). My Str8 BSB takes down his BSB. The Executioners then proceed to wipe out all the Knights leaving just the Heavens wizard who legs it and gets caught.
Warlocks cause 3 wounds on the Hurricanum, and break it but don't catch it.

Carl Turn 4.
2 Demigryphs charge the lone Dark Rider. Knights charge the Darkshards who flee again, but can't redirect and so fail their charge.
Hurricanum rallies to face the Warlocks, and the Demigryphs on the left move back towards the centre.
Hurricanum was dispelled in magic phase.
Demigryphs destroy dark rider and overrun towards my Bolt Thrower away from the Executioners who are now facing opposite directions.

Tom Turn 4
Warlocks Charge the hurricanum. Executioners swift reform and move away from the centre to not receive another Demigryph Charge. Darkshards rally again.
Magic sees nothing happen.
Bolt Thrower takes a flank shot at the large unit of untouched Demigryphs causing 2 wounds.
Warlocks kill the Hurricanum and reform towards the centre.

Carl Turn 5.
5 Knights charge the Bolt Thrower, 2 Demigryphs charge the darkshards who hold, and then they are flank charged by the large Demigryphs so they flee, out of arc of the Demigryphs and block off the knights charge on the Bolt Thrower.

The 2 Demigryph redirect into the BT but the Knight fail their redirect on the darkshards, so fail their charge.

Combat sees the BT destroyed and the 2 Demigryphs reform to face the Executioners.

Tom Turn 5.
Darkshard rally again. Warlocks move to Doombolt some Demigryphs, which kills one panic is passed.

Carl Turn 6.
Darkshards finally die to Demigryph charges as nowhere to run to.

Tom Turn 6.
Doombolt does nothing to the 2 Demigryphs and that is game.

Total points resulted in a 10-10 draw!! Was a great game with lots of combat, and I'm quite pleased how I managed to block him off so I got the charge, but was disappointed that the Witch Elves got caught out by casualty removal and couldn't pursue into the Knight Block due to centre to centre pursuit.

Carl was a great opponent and we had a good laugh during the game. That's the second time my Executioners have taken off his Knight bus with Luthor Huss in it :-)

On to Round 2, Sneak peak the opponents army has lots of guns and beards...

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Re: BIG Tides of War Summer

Postby XavierM » Wed Jun 10, 2015 10:02 am

Second game was against Dan Honeywell and his Dwarfs. Dan usually plays Lizardmen, but wanted to try dwarfs for this tournament as he hasn't been successful with his Lizards. Army as below.

Grimm Burloksson
Runesmith, 2x spellbreaking runes
BSB, Great weapon
20 Quarrellers, Standard
20 Quarrellers, Standard
20 Irondrakes, Standard, Musician, Champion, Vanguard banner
28 Hammerers, Standard, Musician, Champion
2 Cannons
2 Gyrocopters

That's a lot of shooting!!
The board has a Marsh in the centre of Dan's Deployment zone, and a Wood in the centre of the table. My deployment zone had a Wood and a marsh towards my right flank.

Dan deployed his Gyrocopters on each flank. Then the 2 Quarrellers one the left side of the Marsh, with one actually behind it. One had the Runesmith, the other the BSB. His Hammerers went in his centre, with his Irondrakes and Grimm to their right. The two cannons went on the baseline, one between the Quarrellers and one to the right of the Irondrakes.

As he was deploying in a line, I went for his Quarrellers and Cannons, away from the harder Irondrakes and Hammerers.
My Warlocks, Dark Riders, Witch Elves and Executioners lined up against his Quarrellers and my Darkshards and Heavens Wizard faced the Irondrakes. The Bolt Throwers went each flank on the baseline.

Dan didn't get Hatred and I got first turn, after Vanguarding up everything around 4". Irondrakes vanguarded around 8".

Tom Turn 1:
Moved the Warlocks to max Doombolt range of the Gyro out of vision of the Quarrellers. Dark Riders ran up in front of both Quarrellers, one to the right to shoot the Gyro and one just out of short range of the right hand Quarrellers. Infantry advanced as quickly as possible. Darkshards moved to shoot Irondrakes.

Magic. I cast Doombolt on Gyro and he lets it go, causing 1 Wound. I then irresistabled Comet and placed it between the Quarrellers in front of the Cannon.

Shooting. Bolt Thrower finished off left Gyrocopter. Darkshard and other Bolt Thrower killed 5 Irondrakes.

Dan Turn 1:
Irondrakes moved 3" towards Darkshards. Gyro moved towards the darkshards behind a hill. Hammerers wheeled towards the Executioners.
Magic, Comet came down, killing 1 Cannon crew and 4 and 5 Quarrellers respectively.
Shooting. Cannons took off both bolt throwers. Dark Riders on the left lost 3, and on the right lost 1. No panic. Irondrakes had range extended by Grimm, but only by 4" and were out of range of the darkshards.

Tom Turn 2:
No Charges.
Warlocks ran out of arc of the Quarrellers. 2 Dark Riders ran forward behind the Quarrellers facing the Cannon. 4 Dark Riders ran up forward to the centre of the Quarrellers to get out of arc of lots and prevent him moving towards me. Witch Elves ran straight up, and the Execs advanced and covered off the advancing Hammerers.
Magic saw a Banishment take off the Cannon. My shooting was ineffective.

Dan Turn 2:
Irondrakes advanced 3" again. Hammerers moved towards the Dark Riders.
Shooting saw 1 Dark Rider remain of the 4 in front of the Quarrellers. Second unit shot Witch Elves killing 2. Cannon missed something. Gyrocopter flamed the Elves in the Wood on the right, killing a few.
Irondrakes shot the Elves, but only hit once killing an Elf.

Tom Turn 3:
Warlocks charged Quarrellers in the side, and Witch Elves charged in the front. 2 Dark Riders charged the other Quarrellers in the side to hold them up.
Executioners moved up closer to the Hammerers. Lone Dark Rider marched beyond the hammerers and lined up the Cannon for a charge.
Magic was ineffective.
No shooting was effective.
Witch Elves and Warlocks wiped out Quarrellers leaving the Runesmith on his own who runs beyond the other Quarrellers at an odd angle. Warlocks hold, but Witch Elves pursue towards the centre of the board, stopping behind the Dark Riders.
Dark Riders lose a man, but kill one and both sides hold. Dwarfs reform in a smaller block.

Dan Turn 3:
Hammerers charge the Witch Elves through the Marsh and make it on a double 6! Lose 7 Dwarfs to the Marsh though.
Irondrakes fail swift reform and turn to face Dark Rider and the cannon.
Shooting was only the Cannon, who missed the Dark Rider.
Combat saw the Dark Rider combat first, who didn't die (annoyingly) and then ran (surviving), causing the Quarrellers to overrun into the Witch Elves. The Witch Elves killed 7 Hammerers, and took the Quarrellers down to 8+BSB before dying to a woman and the Hammerers overrun 9 out of arc of both the Warlocks and the Hammerers.
If that Dark Rider hadn't died, the Hammerers may have been stuck and maybe in the arc of the Executioners.

Tom Turn 4:
Warlocks charge the Quarrellers in the side. Dark Rider charges the Cannon.
Executioners reform towards the Hammerers rear and move to charge next turn.
Darkshard all turn to shoot the Gyro, who has taken a wound from the wood. Heavens wizard moves towards second unit of Darkshards
Magic saw Timewarp dispelled.
Shooting did nothing.
Combat saw the Warlocks kill all but the BSB, who holds.
Dark Rider kills one crew, but the Cannon holds.

Dan Turn 5: Hammerers charge off the lone Dark Rider, with a failed charge. Irondrakes charge the flank of the Dark Rider in combat with the Cannon. Gryocopter charges the last darkshard in the wood, who holds.
Dark Rider dies to Irondrakes who reform towards the Executioners. Darkshard dies in the Wood. BSB still holds against the Warlocks.

Tom Turn 6: Executioners charge the Hammerers who flee and are not caught.
Magic sees Iceshard Blizzard on the Gyrocopter, killing it with the Lore attribute.
Warlocks kill the BSB in combat.

Dan Turn 6: Shooting from the Irondrakes kills the Warlocks, and Cannon misses the Executioners. Hammerers rally and turn to face Executioners.

And that was game. Very bloody affair again, resulting in a 10-10!!

Final game Civil War...

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Re: BIG Tides of War Summer

Postby XavierM » Wed Jun 10, 2015 1:19 pm

Game 3 was against Lucy Beevor, who has been playing for around 18 months with her Dark Elves.

This was basically a mirror match, but hers was probably a better army.

Level 1 Beasts, Dispel Scroll.
Death Hag on Cauldron of Blood

25 Witch Elves, Standard and Musician
30 Corsairs, Standard, Musician, Corsairs
10 Darkshard, Standard, Musician
5 Dark Riders, Xbows, Std, musician
5 Harpies
2 Bolt Throwers
2x5 Warlocks.

Lucy deployed her Warlocks on the extreme flanks. Her Dark Riders on my left next to Impassable terrain, with BT behind them, with Harpies behind the Impassable terrain. Corsairs went in the dead centre with Tullaris, flanked by Witch Elves on my right, finally with the remaining BT and Darkshards.

I deployed my Warlocks on the left flank supported by a BT and a unit of Dark Riders. The Wood in my deployment zone held my Darkshards. My second Darkshards and BT went next to a second wood on my right, which held my Witch Elves and my Executioners went on their right flank, next to the table edge.

I vanguarded aggressively with my Dark Riders to prevent her vanguards with Warlocks.
Lucy got first turn.

Lucy Turn 1:
On the left, her Warlocks charged my Dark Riders who fled. Her Dark Riders moved up to within an inch of my Dark Riders in front of my Darkshards. Harpies hopped over the Impassable terrain. The two big units advanced, and the Warlocks on the right moved into Doombolt range of my Dark Riders there.
Magic saw a Doombolt take out my Dark Riders on the right. Everything else was out of range.
Bolt Thrower and Dark Rider shooting took my left Dark Riders down to 1 remaining and took off some Executioners.

Tom Turn 1:
No Charges. Warlocks moved aggressively towards BT to deal with it. Nothing else moved, except the lone Dark Rider who fled off the table.
Magic saw Doombolt dispelled and a Comet placed in front of the Witch Elves 5” away from the BT.
Shooting saw 1 Warlock taken off on the left, Dark Riders wiped out from Xbow fire, and around 5 Witch Elves removed by other shooting.

Lucy Turn 2:
No charges. Warlocks move on to flank of my Warlocks, who are blocked by the Harpies. Corsairs move towards my right Darkshards, and Witch Elves move towards my Witch Elves. Other Warlock move round the flank, and Darkshards move towards Executioners.
Magic sees nothing happen. Darkshards and BT shoot at Executioners killing some more leaving around 15 left. BT does nothing to Warlocks due to blocked LOS from harpies.

Tom Turn 2:
Warlocks charge Harpies. Witch Elves and Executioners move back as far as they can to avoid charge as yet. Darkshards on right move to block Corsair charge.
Magic sees Comet come down and roll 4” hitting nothing, doh!.
Darkshards and BT on right take off some more Witch Elves, and Darkshards and BT on the left take off the left Warlocks.
Combat sees the Harpies wiped out, with the Warlocks reforming to face the BT.

Lucy Turn 3:
Corsairs charge the Darkshards. The Witch Elves move forward ready to receive a charge, and the Warlocks move to the flank of the Executioners.
Soulblight is cast on 2 dice on the Executioners. Doombolt rolls double 1 and miscasts due to Ring of Hotek causing 1 Wound on the Warlocks.
BT kills a Warlock on the left. BT and DS take off some more Executioners leaving around 12 left.
Corsairs wipe out the Darkshards and overrun straight ahead leaving everything out of their arc.

Tom Turn 3:
Warlocks charge BT. Witch Elves and Executioners both charge the Witch Elves.
Darkshards in wood turn to face Corsairs.
Magic sees a boosted Pha’s dispelled and an Iceshard Blizzard cast on the Witch Elves.
Shooting takes off a few Corsairs from BT and Darkshards. Right BT shoots the Warlocks but only kills one and they pass their panic.
Warlocks kill BT and reform to face the centre.
Then came my Biggest Mistake. I should have challenged with my 1+ save BSB to take the hag out of combat. I forgot about the armour, and so challenged with the Executioner champion resulting in a Combat resolution overkill of +5.
So My Witch Elves and her Witch elves hit the same time. Executioners then hit. I kill 18 Witch Elves, and with a two Banners and a charge and a rank still end up with a Combat res of 22. She kills 16 models in total with 2 banners and the extra 5 means that she wins by one. I would have won the combat if I had challenged with the BSB, as there would have been probably no wounds back and the Witch Elves wouldn’t have been steadfast. Brilliant combat though.
Both units held.

Lucy Turn 4:
Warlocks charge the Executioners in the rear. Corsairs swift reform towards my Darkshards in the wood. Darkshards move towards Executioner combat. Magic sees nothing happen. Bolt Thrower can’t shoot anything.
Combat sees her Witch Elves wiped out, the BSB finally challenged and took a wound, causing two, but she double 6’d the ward save. Warlocks wipe out all but 2 Executioners, and Tullaris and the remaining take down the Warlocks to 1.

I lose and the Witch Elves flee, but the Executioners hold.

Tom Turn 4:
Warlocks move towards the Corsairs to Soulblight them. Wizard moves out of the Darkshards and sits behind them.
Witch Elves keep running as are on double 1’s.
Magic sees no spells go off as she uses her scroll.
Shooting sees both BT shoot the corsairs some more, down to around 20 now.
Executioner combat see BSB take final wound, without hitting the Death Hag. Warlock kills one executioner before dying to Tullaris. So down to Tullaris, Standard Bearer and Sorceress left, who all hold.

Lucy Turn 5:
Corsairs charge the Darkshards who flee, the wizard doesn’t panic. The Corsairs then charge the Wizard who flees again so a failed charge due to the double flee.
Her Darkshards charge the Executioners in the front.
Magic nothing happens.
Shooting, her BT shoots the Warlocks, killing two, who panic and run away.
Combat sees Tullaris die in a challenge, the Executioner standard breaks and dies, but the Wizard runs away through the Wood, pursued by the Cauldron.

Tom Turn 5:
No charges. Warlocks rally and are within 18” of the Corsairs. Darkshards and Wizards rally.
Warlocks 6 dice 4D6 Doombolt at the Corsairs, which gets through, killing around 13, no miscast either.
Bolt Throwers reduce the unit to Level 1, Tullaris and 5 Corsairs now.

Lucy Turn 6:
Corsairs charge the Darkshards who stand and shoot, killing one more.
Cauldron charges the Wizard in the Wood, failing it’s dangerous terrain, but only taking a wound.
Magic sees Wildform miscast on the Corsairs, taking a wound off the sorceress, one corsair and a darkshard die.
Shooting see Darkshards miss the Bolt Thrower on the right.
Combat. The Darkshards take 5 casualties and the Corsairs take two. Somehow the darkshards hold. Tullaris didn’t fight as was out of combat by the time the corsairs had finished.

Tom Turn 6:
Warlocks charge the side of the Corsairs.
Magic sees nothing happen.
Shooting, nothing happens.
Warlocks kill all of the Corsairs, but tullaris kills all of the darkshards after taking a wound.
Tullaris and Sorceress lose the combat by 2, but pass on a 7 and that was game.

So due to some silly decisions, it turned out to be a 14-6 win to Lucy. Running down Tullaris and the Sorceress would have moved this to a 12-8 really. I should have challenged with the BSB earlies as would have been able to run down the Cauldron and get into her backfield by winning the big combat earlier, but that’s what happens at the end of a full day of Warhammer.

In the end finished around 6th from bottom, but with 3500ish VPs, which is very typical of this army. I have to work very hard for my points, and I end up giving a lot away.

Hope you enjoyed reading this, until next time maybe.

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Re: BIG Tides of War Summer

Postby Duke_of_Krondor » Thu Jun 11, 2015 3:40 pm

Tough lists you faced but it looks like a fun event! Thanks for writing it up
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