Cloudburst 4th March

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Cloudburst 4th March

Postby James von Carstein » Fri Feb 17, 2012 11:35 pm

Hi Pigmar bunch. Any of you folks coming to the 1 dayer here in Bristol on 4th March? 2400 points, 3 games 15 quid. Only 10 peeps playing so far and, thanks to KR, I think there will be some goody bags in it for worthy winners. I shall be there but not with quite so many Zombies as before! Looks like no tournamenty types will be present, so could be nice and fluffy.

Incidentally, as we didn't get to beat you (again) in 2011, are "you lot" ready for another kicking... or have you not got the rashers for it anymore?

Consider yourselves slapped with a gauntlet which currently lies in front of you... Dare to pick it up?
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