27th July - Tanelorn - !!!THE CLASH AT DEMONHEAD!!!

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27th July - Tanelorn - !!!THE CLASH AT DEMONHEAD!!!

Postby minust » Wed Jul 10, 2013 10:20 pm


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on Saturday 27th July, at the Tanelorn Wargames Club (see ***here*** for travel info)

With room for up to 32 players, we thought it would be a great time to celebrate the lovely weather by staying indoors and playing 4-5 rounds of WM/H!

Games are at the 50 point level, with 2 lists required and a third list optional.
We are using Divide and Conquer (1) which means you must play each list you bring at least once through the day.

Registration begins at 9.15am, with the first round starts at 9.45am sharp.
I know this is probably a bit early for you guys, but if we know you're coming we can make some allowances :)

Jon Webb and I (Tom Hutchings) will be running the event, potentially with one of us stepping in to play in case of odd numbers.

Tickets are £15, made payable to in advance via Paypal to twgc_treasurer@tanelornwgc.org

We will be running a Golden Thrall contest (as always!) and other prize support dependent on numbers attending.

Please sign-up in the thread below, and pay via paypal as soon as you can!

Tom and Jon.

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