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Bunkerbrawl 4

Postby Eternal flitter » Sun Mar 29, 2015 11:44 pm

Just wanted to drop a line about how it went this weekend.

First off really great opponents, everyone nice and friendly which is always a plus.

Results wise I managed:

8-12 (Dark elves avoidance and a cauldron/witch star) dawn attack deployment screwed me over with my general on the right and everything but my Terrorgheist on the left, I didn't lose much but took down the cauldron and bsb, cost me my characters though.

14-6 (Skaven Verminlord deceiver, stormfiends, plague furnace/monk star) tabled him but for the stormfiends who got the mortis engine, the Terrorgheist, and the crypt ghouls... they are filthy

1-19 Ogres (Ridiculous ogre gutstar, 3x6 leadbelchers, ironblaster) magic turned on just when he needed it making the gutstar just unassailable...

16-4 Brettonians (nuff said) he trebuchet'd his own prophetess, lost 6 knights to dangerous terrain running from my bus, didn't need to do much past turning up really.

16-4 Dark elves (double warlocks, cauldron/witch star, bloodwrack shrine/executioners, 4 bolt throwers) chaffed the executioners, killed the witches and everything else and then polished off the executioners when I'd whittled them down a bit.

10-10 Skaven (Double warp lightning cannon, Abomination, 40 stormvermin horde and lord w/ fellblade) killed everything but his grey seer, some clan rats and the HPA, broke the stormvermin in one round, probably could have won it but I couldn't catch the seer...

For my first tournament outside pigmar it went really well, and I'm really looking forward to call to war now!
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