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Thundergods recap

Postby Eternal flitter » Sat Jun 20, 2015 10:47 pm

Thundergods was last weekend and I felt it went as I sort of expected really. The comp was pretty light, and it was on the 20-0 system. Without further ado here's my list:

Vampire lord lvl 1 (Vampires) General, Heavy armour, Shield, Barded nightmare, Ogre blade, Talisman of protection, The other Trickster’s shard, Red fury, Quickblood 433

Vampire lord lvl 4 (Vampires), Shield, Lance, Barded nightmare, Armour of destiny, Dispel scroll, Red fury, Aura of Dark Majesty, Potion of Strength, Luckstone 537

Wight king, Great weapon, Barded skeletal steed, Nightshroud, Ironcurse Icon and Dragonbane gem 160

5 Dire wolves 40
5 Dire wolves 40
5 Dire wolves 40
5 Dire wolves 40
39 Skeleton warriors, Full command 225
39 Skeleton warriors, Full command 225

10 Black knights, Full command, Banner of swiftness, Barding, 285
3 Vargheists, Vargoyle 148

Terrorgheist 225

Total: 2400

So lists were closed for this one which I don’t like as much as having everything out there to begin with, but anyhoo you make do!

Game 1: Chaos dwarfs

The only player running them in the field and a nice enough guy all told. Since lists were closed I don’t have them to hand so from memory his list was this:

Lvl 4 Sorcerer prophet on death with a 4++ and bits

Lvl 2 Daemonsmith on fire
Dark castellan BSB

2 x 20 odd hobgoblins with FC
20 odd Infernal guard with FC and fireglaives
20 odd Infernal guard with FC and blunderbusses

Magma cannon
Hellbound Iron daemon
K’daii destroyer

To be honest going into this I was pretty upbeat, since I assumed I would be able to leave the destroyer alone and kill the rest of his list before dealing with it at the end.

First scenario was battleline and from my left to right he deployed the destroyer, the iron daemon, magma cannon with daemonsmith (last three on a hill), hobgoblins, blunderbuss guard with bsb, fireglaive guard with lvl 4 and finally the second unit of hobgoblins. Mine was wolves fairly equally spread along the 12” line with vargs opposite the magma cannon, the bus fairly central, T-bat on its left to perhaps threaten the destroyer and the skeleton bricks either side to either occupy the destroyer or grind out the hobgoblins.

Spells for me were invoc on the general, and on the lvl 4: invoc, vanhels, raise dead and hellish vigour. His fire mage got cloak and fireball while his level 4 ended up with purple sun among others.

I got first turn, and advanced with everything, with my bus needing little to get into his general’s unit, the vargs setting up an easy turn 2 charge into the magma cannon and some of the wolves redirecting the destroyer safely into a position where it would be vulnerable to the T-bat. Magic sees me raise a fresh zombie unit of ~12 models in charge range of his hobgoblins on the left. His first turn saw the destroyer charge the wolves and some small adjustments for chaff clearing. Magic does little but his shooting manages to remove the T-bat in a single round with fire from the iron daemon: 10 S6 D3 wound shots will do that as it turns out. Still, could be worse…

Turn 2 sees the bus go flying into the fireglaive guard, vargs into the magma cannon and wolves and the new zombies into the left hand hobgoblins. Don’t remember what I got off magic wise but anyway the magma cannon died, the hobgoblins lost the combat but held with their bsb re-roll and the Infernal guard were steadfast and held. My general managed to push through 2 wounds on his however. His turn 2 and the K’daai turns to guarantee a turn 3 charge into my left hand skeleton unit, whilst the blunderbuss guard with no targets reform to face the bus when it breaks the general’s unit to make sure they get their stand and shoot. Magic, he rolls big enough and cuts to the chase: 6 dice purple sun, double 6s and then the full 30” travel as well. I’m not too concerned as I still have plenty of knights, but still. Look out sirs passed on all but the level 4. OK sweating for this one and yep you guessed it a 6 for the I test and the 500 pt vampire goes bye bye. Along with a handful of knights and 28 skeletons. Saving grace was that the sorcerer prophet died in the miscast but some small consolation for the damage done. Shooting is poor from him just killing the one vargheist with the iron daemon. Following that the infernal guard are wiped out to a man, the hobgoblins nearby panic on their awful Ld and the other hobgoblins clean up the zombies before turning to face the vargheists.

My turn 3 and it’s all pretty clear cut decision-wise now, the bus goes into the bsb’s unit, the right hand skeletons force the fleeing hobgoblins off the table and the vargs go into the hobgoblins on the left. I believe he dispels invoc from my general and the infernal guard start flying through the air, the BSB dies but he holds on steadfast. The vargs win combat but the hobgoblins hold. His turn and the destroyer goes into the left hand skeletons, no magic to speak of, nor any shooting and he tramples my skeletons to a man, the infernal guard are wiped out and the hobgoblins are run down.

My turn 4 and it’s pretty close. I decide, wrongly as it turns out, to charge the daemonsmith rather than the iron daemon, he flees a paltry 3” and I catch him before reforming to face the behemoth. The vargs set up to go into the ID next turn as well. The remaining skeletons reform to face the destroyer since they are now completely stranded and may as well face the damn thing. He dispels invoc and that’s my turn. The destroyer charges the other brick and the iron daemon rolls another 10 shots to delete all the remaining black knights… Many skeletons are crushed.

Turn 5: the ogre blade VL, wight king and 2 remaining vargs go into the ID, some wounds are put on it, I can’t remember how many, and the destroyer finishes off the skeletons. They manage to wound it though and I was well chuffed with that. Destroyer reforms to face the vargs. He tries to charge them in his turn 5 but fails.

Turn 6 he fails his charge again into the vargs and it all comes down to whether or not I can put the last few wounds on the Iron daemon… He’s down to 1 of his 8 wounds left when it comes to the wight king to swing: needing 6s to wound he gets one on the damn thing. With the last roll of the game my opponent makes his 6+ armour and it’s a very bloody 10-10.

As I said at the start my opponent was a great guy to play, but in all honesty the purple sun was flukey and I tried to not let my ever so slightly grumpy feeling show through during the game. :p
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