Shadows of Brimstone

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Shadows of Brimstone

Postby Pilgrimski » Mon Aug 14, 2017 8:31 pm

Shadows of Brimstone is a dungeon crawl game along the same lines as the old Warhammer Quest. Except the theme, which is Cthulu meets Cowboys in the Weird West.

I'm looking for a group to play Shadows of Brimstone with. I'd like to set up a semi regular weekend session say 1-2 times a month. Having tried tuesday evenings, there isn't really the time or space. I thought we could play at the club if it is available at weekends, otherwise my flat is very close to the club so we could use that.

I'm happy to do some short intro sessions on Tues/Thurs to start with to explain rules etc.

There's a tutorial video here:

The rulebook and official FAQ are on this wiki page: ... _Brimstone

Am looking for 2-5 people, its not the kind of game that works very well with drop in drop out players, so I'm after a group in it for the long haul.

Anyone interested?

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